Mission Muslim World University


For that past couple of years, I have been building an online school called Mission Muslim World University (mmwu.org).  After about 1000 hours of work and lots of help from Dr. Joshua Lingel (the President of i2 Ministries), we built what we believe to be the most comprehensive curriculum available on Christian Missions to Muslims and Islamic Studies. 

Right before COVID hit hard, we were able to formalize a partnership with God's Bible School and College (gbs.edu) to offer a pathway to a fully online, fully accredited, extremely affordable, Masters Degree in Ministry with an Islamic Studies Concentration! 

We launched the program in faith in the midst of the global quarantine by offering full scholarships worth 1.3 million dollars to 270 students in over 35 nations who we are mentoring through the program and coaching them how to launch the "WISE Global Initiative" also known as the "Every Muslim for Christ Initiative" in their respective countries. 

Overnight, we became the largest online graduate-level training school in the world in Christian Missions to Muslims.  We are raising funds to cover the costs of giving these 270 scholarships.

I have also been developing a phone application called the WISE Global.  WISE is a ministry management system that is designed to manage the initiative, which is intertwined with the online school.  This app allows denominations, churches, and missions organizations to work together to launch and track the progress of the initiative to evangelize every Muslim in a city/region/country and track the progress. 

So far the app has been deployed into 100+ denominations/organizations in Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Indonesia,  Kenya, Brazil, Venezuela, S. Africa, Iraq, Egypt, Tanzania, Burundi, Jordan, Honduras, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Canada, USA, Morocco, S. Korea, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Togo, Cameron, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Chad, Germany, Bolivia, Mexico, Turkey, Switzerland, Uganda, Dominican Republic, Argentina, & Iraq.

Over the last year, between our online students and other national leaders, about 19,000 people have heard the gospel, and over 400 have come to Christ - many from a Muslim background.  This is so exciting and has been a lot of work! 

Jesus will be exalted in the nations!