How Much Does it Cost to Redeem A Man?

How much does it cost to redeem a man?  How costly is sin? That is the question that each person must reckon with.  Does a man possess enough resource to pay his debt back to God for what he has done?  Does He have enough time left in his breath of a life to do enough good deeds to outweigh all the bad?  The answer that comes crashing down upon us all is.... NO!  There is nothing we can do.  There is no possible way to offer God retribution for the wrong we have committed.  But what if there was one righteous man?  One man blameless who had never sinned.  Could that man offer his life for the life of another?  If so, then only one man could atone for one man according to the laws of atonement.  So what about the other 8 billion other people who have ever existed?  Well, the reality is there has never been one man righteous, no not one, no man worthy who could atone for another.  At this point if you are the Apostle John and you see that there is no one worthy you break down sobbing because of the total depravity of the human race.

Did you know that the word redemption or ransom is marketplace language of the price to pay for something? So if we were to use a very belligerent scale or appreciation for the worth of man we could look just purely at his net worth in the eyes of the world.  The richest man on the earth doesn't quite total $100 billion in net worth.  But how would God designate a net value to a man?  Lets just say for our feeble little minds that God would take $1 trillion as a ransom price to forgive someone for their sins.  The problem is that no one person has this kind of cash flow and no one person could raise this kind of money even if He spent His entire life trying.  So at the end of his life of toil he would only be able to offer God a fraction of what he owed.  He would be found just as the rest of humanity is..... wanting .... infinitely falling short of a debt they cannot pay.

The Lord actually did find Himself in this place where man could not pay the redemption price.  What was He the just judge to do?  He could not violate His own conscience.  Man must pay the price or else suffer eternal punishment in a lake of fire that would still never fully pay the price they owe.  However, there was one other option, He had enough resource in Himself to pay the insurmountable debt that every single human who ever existed owed.  He had a "Piggy" bank with a worth inside of infinite value.   The value of God Himself.... how much is God worth?!?!?  This "piggy" bank contains in it a wealth far beyond what we can imagine.  However, there is no way to withdrawal just $1 trillion for each person, (Which would not of even made a dent in bottomless ocean of wealth in this bank).  The only way to get to this resource to pay the debt was to shatter that piggy bank and pour out all of its riches.  There is no other option, either give it all & empty it all, or give none.  For He was obviously under no obligation to pay the debt of humanity, He would be perfect just to leave them owing and make them pay their own debt......

At the cross roads He looked at His precious piggy bank containing all of His wealth that was worth infinitely more than all of those people put together and He looked at those people who could not pay their debt and He did the most ridiculous, most outlandish thing..... He decided to do it.... He decided to shatter that piggy bank and give it all.  You know that value is defined by the cost someone is willing to pay.  So in that moment God decided how much humanity was worth to Him; he decided that humanity was as valuable to Him as the infinite wealth that He possessed.

So He did it.  God took that vessel that piggy bank and shattered it and poured out all His wealth to pay humanities debt.  And so on that day God became poor...... but he purchased for Himself all those that would call upon His name.  He poured out all His value to buy a small remnant from every tribe tongue people and nation that would love Him for what He did.

Obviously that shattered vessel was our beloved Jesus, if He was just a man He could of only paid the ransom for one other man.  But being God he poured out all of His infinite wealth to redeem something that wasn't even worth a fraction of 1% of that wealth.  That wealth poured out was his own life in His own blood.  So what does this say about how much God values Humanity?  Does God see himself as getting the short end of the stick in this investment?  NO, in all His pristine foreknowledge He knew that He would receive the labor of His soul and we would have a response that was worthy of this blood.  So what does this say about how much God values humanity?  How much does He value you? What are you worth to Him?  What was He willing to pay for you?

You know if sin wasn't that big of a deal then God could have done it another way.  But what does this say about the price of sin?  How severe is sin?  And why is sin so severe?  What does this say about the glory of God?  What does this say about God's original intent for humanity?  How far have we really fallen that the only way to redeem us was for Him to take on flesh and pour out His own precious blood?  I think for eternity we will be reeling, stunned, mystified, horrified, amazed etc... at what He really did for us.   If there was another way then why did He go through the agony of becoming a poor man, rejected, despised, thrashed by a whip, hands and feet nailed to a tree, counted among the transgressors, absorbing the wrath that we deserve; dying, and going to hell in our place? Simply stated There was no possible other way. He alone possesses the worth in Himself to pay the ransom for all of Humanity.  He alone is the vessel shattered who poured out all His riches to pay a price we could not. Its at times like this where the words "thank you" seems so trite.  Words cannot express the gratitude we should feel.  So what is the appropriate response to this Jesus Crucified?