Why Eternal Punishment in a Lake of Fire

Man was created as a priest to Love and Minister to God. Man was not created to be a farmer. Man was created for the sole reason to reciprocate love back to God in the context of deep friendship and communion. Man exists to love God and to be loved by God. To be human is to have one reason for existence: to love God with all our heart soul mind and strength. The end of all things is the Glory of God which is most expressed by the voluntary love given to Him in intimate adoring worship from His most prized creation. John 17 is central to the doctrine of why Humanity exists...... “Father I desire that they would be with me where and I am behold my Glory...... That they would be one with us just as you and I are one.... That they would love me with the same love that you have for them” Humanity was created to be a bride. The recipient and reciprocator of divine love. There is no other purpose or reason for existence that motivated God to create humanity. To neglect loving God as a human is not a peripheral issue it is everything. To neglect loving God as our primary ambition is to forsake the fabric of our existence. God loves Humanity with the same love that He loves Himself with!!!! Wow! We have no idea the implications of such a love. If a human is not moving steadily further and deeper into loving Jesus with all their heart soul mind and strength then that human is going the completely wrong direction no matter how noble their pursuit looks. Men are filled with what look like noble pursuits, feeding the poor, taking care of their families, serving their communities, taking up one justice cause after another, but if they are not doing these as an overflow of their primary pursuit being that of loving and adoring Jesus then they are moving in the wrong direction. So what is God’s response to Humanities noble cause but forsaking to love Him?

God is devastated by this. God is a jealous bridegroom, He has fire in His eyes and a burning desire in His heart to love and be with Humanity. He created them to enjoy the fellowship of the trinity, but instead all of mankind has hated Him and chosen to ignore Him and the sole reason they exist and have become preoccupied with a million other pursuits rather that the pursuit to love Him back.

If a potter takes clay and makes a jar for holding water and that jar doesn’t hold water then the potter will destroy that vessel and make another one that will fulfill his desire. God made man and gave him all the resources available to be successful at loving Him back but ever single human has chosen pride, self seeking and to love themselves and their own way rather than to love God. Self-worship has become the end of humanities pursuits. Now the very vessel that was made to love God has turned of its own accord and despised God and forsaken the purpose for which they were created . So why is the punishment to sin so severe? Why don’t God just let people go the way they want even if its evil? Well in the end He does. He allows them to have exactly what they want.... Darkness.... A lake of burning sulfur and everlasting torment where they are given over to their demon lovers. Humanity loves the blessings, the things of this world, being happy, etc. But they don’t acknowledge that God is one author of all those blessings but instead of loving Him more for those blessings they are driven more and more away from Him thinking they attained those things of their own accord. God is jealous. He will not share His beloved with another. He is not a God with just random desires, He is the Sovereign King of all things and going against the will of this king is treason at the Highest level. Loving Him is not optional, He is not hard to love, He has given us His love in fullness, its not hard to love Him. Because of His overwhelming pain, because His love is so deep for every human the pain of losing them is so great in His heart the only way to demonstrate the fire of His this jealous love is by throwing them into the fire of burning torments forever.

The lake of fire is a just demonstration of just how deeply God has been grieved by the man that didn’t love Him. God created humanity for one purpose of existence to love Him that same way He loves them. However, they forsook that purpose and the grief God experiences from their wayword lives is equal to the grief they will experience in the lake of fire forever. The lake of fire is saying this..... With every passing moment of burning torment the human will suffer separated from their maker they can rest assured that this same burning torment of separation was felt by God being separated from Them. For this is ultimate love. Man has seen God as stoic and mostly passive and unaffected by the sinful condition of the human race. Nothing could be further from the truth. God is grieving deeper that we can possibly image longing for His love for His prized image bearers to be fully reciprocated back to Him. God is transcendent and doesn’t have needs that need to be met by humanity and is fully and totally joyful and satisfied in the fellowship with Himself within the Godhead. However the mystery of all mysteries of God’s heart is that He loves humanity the same way He loves Himself. Therefore sinners hating him and being cut off from loving Him causes a grief as deep as if He was being cut off from Himself. Only the torments of an eternal flame can express the grief He feels over the lost image bearer that He never gets to fellowship with.

The cry of dereliction by Jesus on the cross shows us the two fold grief of God being cut off from fellowship with God, and man being cut off from fellowship with God. the mystery of the love of God is that this love is the same. Therefore God being forsaken by man through sin is the same grief displayed when God in Christ experienced broken fellowship with the Father on the cross. We can rest assured that every human that doesn’t love God back according to the 1st commandment will forever moment by moment experience the same cry of dereliction; the cry of torment of being separated from the author of love . God is a jealous bridegroom. Humanity has one option in existence: To say yes to the fire of the 1st commandment of loving God with all their heart soul mind & strength. Any life that rejects this flame of love no matter how noble the cause is to stir a jealous grief so deep in the heart of God that that only just and appropriate response of God is the throw that one into the very center of God’s jealous flame of love - the lake of Fire. This fire can be seen as the very center of His heart demonstrating the center of the great furnace of His burning desire to be with Humanity. The lake of fire is love demonstrated in fullness.