We need the Conviction of Sin Again

Sadly we have lost the understanding of the severity of sin in the church. We have forgotten that sin, or disobedience to Jesus, was so severe that the wrath of God was poured out on Jesus instead of us. We have lost sight of the fact that when we willingly chose sin, even in what we would call small ways, we took the hammer and nails and nailed Jesus to the Cross. Our sin killed Jesus and it killed us. We deserve the Lake of Fire for eternity, but God so loved the world that He gave us His only Son....I along with many others have been crying out for the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of sin again to the church and to the nation for some time now. And on Feb. 6th 2010 I saw a taste of that as I watched the IHOP awakening. Allen Hood and Shelly Hundley with brokeness and tears and trembling brought the most convicting message I have ever heard from a pulpit. People began to weep and wail underneath the weight of their own sin and cry out for mercy. About a year ago I was gripped with the reality that I came to Faith in Christ without ever having a heart level revelation that I deserved Hell. how many of us have ever felt the weight of that? How different would we live if we really understood that not only did we deserve Hell, but that we have been forgiven, we would break out in Praises, living in the Joy of the fact that we are saved by grace! We would be the most humble and joyful people on the planet. And we would hate sin with such a vehement hatred that we would never participate in those old ways again. We need to get wrecked all over again by the simplicity of Christ and Him crucified. Check out this video its about 1.5 hours long and you need to make time to listen to this. It really is crucial to get this in our spirits in this hour. Let us return to the Lord!!