Are we ready for a Third Great Awakening?

Saturday, 12.12.09 in the IHOP global prayer room Allen Hood addressed the intercessors and asked us "do you have a grid for a third great awakening?" As Allen shared with authority, boldness and passion the Spirit of the Lord began to move powerfully through the room. I began to double over cry and wail in travailing prayer as He spoke. The answer to his question is "NO", we the church are not ready for the great awakening to Jesus that is coming but you can be sure that the Lord is going to "Awaken" us to Himself if we are ready or not. However, this "awakening" can happen either the hard way or the easy way. Those that are hungry for the truth, will be given great grace to overcome their fears & their past and enter into this great wave of God's movement. But those that are holding on to religion and the comfort of this world and say "no" to this coming outpouring of God's Spirit will be shaken greatly. Watch this video and begin to ask yourself this question - "Do I believe and am I ready".

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